How do I access my voicemail?

Voicemail Map

Checkout the link below for a visual layout of NocTel’s voicemail menu Voicemail Menu Map

Configuring your Voicemail

To configure your voicemail:

  1. Dial *38 from your handset to enter the voicemail menu.
  2. Pause and wait for the new voicemail setup process to begin. You will enter your voicemail greeting and set your secret PIN number.

Changing your Voicemail password

To change your voicemail password:

  1. Dial *38from your handset to enter the menu.
  2. Enter your existing PIN
  3. Press 7
  4. Press 2
  5. Set your new voicemail password

Accessing your Voicemail

To access your voicemail:

  1. Dial 38 on your phone.
  2. Enter your secret PIN
  3. Follow the prompts to listen and delete your voicemail messages.

Voicemail to Email

You can have your voicemail delivered directly to your EOU email account. The voicemail is delivered as an audio file (.wav) you play from your computer. This voicemail to email setting is configured by the EOU IT Help Desk, please contact us for more information. (

Access Voicemail Remotely

To access your voicemail from outside of your system from a cell or home phone:

  1. Dial in to the off-campus voicemail number: 541-962-3200
  2. Enter your extension and secret PIN
  3. Follow the prompts to listen and delete your voicemail messages as you normally would

How do I transfer calls directly to voicemail?

  1. While caller is on the line, press Transfer.
  2. Press ** and then the extension you’d like to send to.
  3. Press Transfer once again to complete the call transfer and caller will be sent directly to voicemail.
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