How do I Register a Device on the Network?

Certain devices must be registered before they are allowed to connect to the EOU-Guest Wi-Fi network as well as certain wired network jacks throughout campus.

Preparation and Required Device Information

Certain information, specific to each device, is required for registration:

  • required: Find and record your device’s Wired and/or Wi-Fi MAC address.
    • Examples: 01-23-45-AB-CD-EF 00:CA:FE:C0:FF:EE
    • Each MAC address you register is considered a separate “device” by the network
  • required: Make sure your device is not connected to the EOU-Guest Wi-Fi network for 5-10 minutes after you complete registration. This ensures that the network will allow the device to fully connect after registration.
  • optional: Choose a descriptive, friendly, and easily readable name for your device.
    • Examples: xbox - Wi-Fi ps4 - wired
  • optional: Decide whether your device will need to be shared via AirGroup.
  • optional: Decide whether you will share the device with others or not.
  • optional: Decide whether your device will be used for online gaming or not.

Device Registration

In order to register a device, you will need to log into the EOU Device Management Portal with your Mountie Pass. Note: The Device Management Portal is not available from Off-Campus.

Once Logged in, you can either register a new device or manage a previously registered device .

Register a New Device

  1. Click “Create Device”
  2. Fill in the form with the information you gathered for this device
  3. Click “Create Device” to submit the form
    • If the submission was successful, you will see a “New Device Receipt” summary
    • If the submission failed, check the form for errors and try again
  4. Repeat for each additional device you wish to register
  5. Important: remember to disconnect each from the EOU-Guest network and wait 5-10 minutes before reconnecting
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