How to add or remove a course on my Canvas dashboard


The Canvas dashboard is dynamic with the term dates. Your course will appear based on your status for the course. Below are those conditions. However, errors do occur which may prevent a course from automatically appearing on your dashboard. Please note that removing a course from your dashboard does not drop you out of the course. For help dropping a course, please visit this page.

Students: You courses will appear on your Dashboard when two conditions are met. One, the course has been published by your instructor. Two, the term has started. Your instructor can make the course available early by changing the course dates.

Instructors: Due to frequent requests, Canvas course shells automatically appear on instructor’s dashboards several terms before they begin. Course shells can be hidden from the dashboard as desired using the instructions below.

Step 1:

[Red Box] Click the Courses menu item.

Step 2:

[Red Box] Click All Courses.

  • [Green Box] This area shows a list of courses on your Dashboard. The “Star” also affects this list.

Step 3:

Only your current courses can be added or removed from your Dashboard. The list of those courses appear above Past Enrollments. Any courses from Past Enrollments and below can not be starred.

To put a course on your Dashboard, click the white star [Green Box]. The star will turn orange [Blue Box]. However, if you are a student in the course, it will need to say yes under the Published column [Purple box].

In addition, Canvas includes tools tips to describe certain thing on the screen. Hovering your mouse over the stars will tell you why you can or cannot star a course.

The course Akindi Test cannot be starred since the course is unpublished and Enrolled as is set to Student.

Deleting a Canvas Course

Unfortunately, we don’t delete courses from Canvas. We recommend unpublishing the course or simply following the directions above to remove it from your Dashboard.

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