Microsoft Office 365

EOU offers online access to Microsoft Office 365 for all currently enrolled EOU students along with staff and faculty. To access it, please visit:


Simply click the EOU Office 365 button and enter your EOU Mountie Pass credentials to access it. You can also access it by clicking

Office 365 Applications

Once you get logged in, you’ll see a list of available applications similar to what you see below. Simply click the icon that you want to use.

How to download Office to a personal computer

In the upper right-hand side of the daashboard, locate the Install Office button to download it to your personal computer.


  • Windows users: Office 365 will only work on Windows 7 & 10 operating systems. It will not work on Windows XP or Windows Vista if you are running them on a personal computer at home.
  • Mac users: Office 365 will only work on Mac OX X version 10.12 or later.

Office 365 Training Resources

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