What is Akindi and how do I use it?


Akindi is EOU’s scantron replacement. Scantron is no longer supported as of Summer 2017.

You can access Akindi by clicking here.

  • Contact the IT Help Desk to get Akindi added to your course. Adding the Akindi plugin to your course will allow your class roster and course to be automatically imported into Akindi’s servers.

  • For scanner instructions, please visit http://kb.eou.edu/faq/scanning-from-departmental-copiers

What are the recommended scanners settings to use with Akindi bubble sheets?

Akindi is versatile and accepts the default settings on all common scanners. If you are scanning large batches of responses, though, you may find it helpful to reduce the size of the PDF files by scanning in grey scale at a resolution of 100 DPI.

Most importantly, though, all four black corner squares must be clearly visible in the scanned PDF, and the QR code must not be damaged.


Getting Started - Canvas - akindi

Work flow

graph LR step1(Create bubble sheet in Akindi) -- Student takes test --> step2{Scanner} step2{Scanner} --> step3(Akindi) step2{Scanner} --> step25(E-mail) step25(E-mail) --> step3(Akindi) step3(Akindi) --> step4(Canvas) step4(Canvas) -.-> step3(Akindi)
classDef triangle fill:#F3CF45,stroke:#333,stroke-width:2px;
classDef rectangle fill:#739600,stroke:#333,stroke-width:2px;
class step1,step3,step4,step25 rectangle;
class step2 triangle;

You can upload the scanned bubble sheets to Akindi’s website from your computer. You can also use your unique email to email them from a scanner.

Get Support

  1. Getting Started
  2. https://help.akindi.com/
  3. https://kb.eou.edu

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