Traning Manual

WordPress is the Content Management System (CMS) that EOU is using for all departmental and faculty pages. It will allow the EOU faculty and staff a better resource in publishing all EOU information and data to our users. Please view the training manual and the videos below for additional training on how to use this software.

EOU WordPress Training Manual

For training materials related to Google Forms, click here****.

Tutorial # 1: EOU WordPress Overview

Tutorial #2: EOU WordPress Login & Password

Tutorial #3: EOU WordPress Managing & Editing Pages

Tutorial #4: EOU WordPress Media Library

Tutorial #5: EOU WordPress Menus & Widgets

Tutorial #6: EOU WordPress Advanced Functions - HMTL Coding

Tutorial #7: EOU WordPress Advanced Functions - Embed Google Docs

Tutorial #8: EOU Advanced Functions - Blogs & News Posts

Tutorial #9: EOU Advanced Functions - Media Library Gallery

Tutorial #10: EOU Advanced Functions - Slider

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